Mother Uses Tragic Story to Urge Others to Stop Distracted Driving

Distracted driving continues to be an epidemic in this country. Drivers continue to use their phones despite the severe consequences of their actions.

According to a series of news reports, a mother has been trying to use her tragic story to teach others about the many risks associated with distracted driving.

Multiple news sources covering this story have indicated that the accident that claimed the lives of the woman’s two daughters happened when trooper crashed into another vehicle while going at about 126 miles per hour while using his phone. Since the accident happened, the woman has been talking about the accident to others. She hopes that her message will touch others and push them to change how they act while behind the wheel.

Distractions have been associated with the increase in the number of auto accidents in the country.

While this woman is using her tragic story to teach others about responsibility and the importance of focusing on the road ahead, drivers continue to use their phones and other electronics while behind the wheel.

Too often, drivers believe that they are immune to the same risks that others expose themselves to while using their phones. What motorists must understand is that they are responsible for the vehicles they drive. Their attention must be dedicated to the road and driving itself, nothing else.

If you are a driver or a parent of a teen who’s now learning how to drive, make sure to quit using your phone and teach your kids that using a phone while behind the wheel is dangerous. Stay alert and remember that safety should be your priority as a driver so that your life and the lives of others can be spared.

If you would like to learn more about this mother’s tragic story and the work she’s been doing to teach others, you may follow this link to read the full article.