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Mitsubishi Reveals New Autonomous Car Concept

The autonomous car technology continues to make the news across the country. Whether because the California DMV releases Google Car accident reports or because Tesla’s Elon Musk is describing his view of the technology, the autonomous car tech is being discussed everywhere. According to recent news reports, the tech is about to go even more popular as Mitsubishi has just announced that it will be pursuing the self-driving trend as well.

Yesterday, Mitsubishi Electric issued an announcement associated with the vehicle’s new self-driving technology.

According to the company, its Emirai3 xAuto is a new automated concept car that should hit the roads in 2020. Until the vehicle is actually available to the public, the company will work on debuting the autonomous vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show between October 29 and November 8.

The company has indicated that the technology focuses on artificial intelligence, enabling the system to practically predict and map visible risks. This is made possible by allowing the system to observe and gather information on the movements of other vehicles on the road. With the 3D mapping capabilities that Mitsubishi has added to the system, the technology is also able to self-park the vehicle, even if the spots are tight or located in cramped corners.

The technology will also be equipped with lane-keeping systems, making these vehicles extra safe.

According to Mitsubishi, its autonomous vehicle will be one of a kind. Due to the advanced artificial intelligence technology, the vehicle is able to pinpoint invisible or even immobile risks ahead. It does so by processing information from the Internet, making it easier for the vehicle owner to avoid accidents by learning about road conditions that could be potentially dangerous in real time.

But that’s not all. According to Mitsubishi, the Emirai3 xAuto will also make use of vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology, using data gathered from other cars to alert the driver in case there are problems ahead.

If you would like to learn more about Mitsubishi’s new concept car and how it could revolutionize the industry by also making everyone safe, follow this link to read the full article.

Until the autonomous car technology is widely available, drivers should continue to focus on making sure they are alert and focused on the road ahead, not their phones or any other electronic device.

The autonomous car technology could make roads safer by eliminating driver error, but until the technology is safe, drivers should keep in mind that they must stay focused on what they are doing at all times.


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