Marysville Motorcyclist Killed in 67th Avenue Accident

According to news reports, a 62-year-old Marysville-area motorcyclist was killed in an accident Saturday afternoon in the unincorporated area in Snohomish County.

A report from the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office stated that the motorcyclist was traveling on 67th Avenue Northeast, a two-lane country road, at approximately 3:40pm when the accident happened. The motorcyclist allegedly moved into the southbound lane in an attempt to pass another vehicle. As he moved back into the northbound lane, his motorcycle rear-ended another vehicle that had braked to perform a left-hand turn onto 152nd Street Northeast. The accident forced the man to be ejected from his vehicle, where he sustained serious injuries.

Emergency crews pronounced the motorcyclist dead at the scene. Snohomish County Sheriff’s Officials have stated that they believe excessive speeds played a contributing role in the accident. The driver of the vehicle rear-ended by the motorcyclist sustained minor injuries, but refused to be taken to the hospital. Officials are continuing their investigation into this accident.

As a Bellingham motorcycle accident lawyer, I’m saddened to learn of this tragic accident. In my years as a personal injury lawyer, I’ve seen the effects that tragedies similar to this have had on those left behind and my heartfelt condolences go out to the friends and family as they mourn their loss.