Many Workers Not Using Necessary Protective Gear

A new survey shows that more than four out of five safety professionals have observed workers not using the protective equipment necessary in order to perform a task within the last year, according to PR Newswire.

Officials say that the high majority of injuries that happen on the job are due to workers not wearing OSHA-required safety equipment.

More than half of those surveyed think the noncompliance occurs because employees do not think the safety gear is needed. This should cause great concern because these are completely preventable injuries that happen because of a lack of awareness.

Other reasons for lack of compliance are that the equipment is not comfortable, ill-fitting or not available. Others say it is too hot or that wearing equipment can cause a lack of productivity.

Approximately 85 percent of the responds said they already have company-sponsored safety programs, and 61 percent plan to offer even more education training.

I encourage everyone to follow all the safety instructions and wear the equipment necessary for safety. Just because you have not had an accident does not mean you will not have one in the future. Many people injured or killed on the job have been with their company for a long time.

I also encourage all companies to have regular mandatory safety classes to stress the importance of following safety guidelines.