Man with Two Warrants for His Arrest Causes Accident in Everett

According to the Washington State Patrol recent reports and other news sources, the Everett police chased a man who allegedly had two warrants for his arrest. The fleeing man reached 120 mph at a certain moment of the pursuit.

The Washington State Patrol claims that one of their troopers tried to pull over the man for speeding on Interstate 5 just south of Marysville. The vehicle being driven by the man wanted by the authorities was a Jeep Cherokee.

During the chase, the vehicle eluded the trooper while using all lanes of the freeway until the moment he got to Everett. The trooper found it was too dangerous to pursue so he allegedly slowed down when the runaway driver finally hit the back of a pickup while trying to exit.

The pickup belonged to a 72-year-old man from Lake Stevens who was taken to the hospital after the accident. Police stated that they were able to arrest the 47-year-old man from Kent who had drug-related warrants under his belt.

The Washington State Patrol is holding investigations while the man is held in jail.

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