Man Rolls Car 4 Times After Hitting Deer

Have you ever thought about how you would react if you suddenly came upon a deer stopped dead in it’s tracks in the middle of the road?  Human instinct will cause most of us to try and swerve around the deer to avoid hitting and killing it. That’s exactly what a Spokane man did when he came upon a deer along Highway 195 near Mullen Hill Road.

According to this news report, Washington State troopers claimed the man tried to swerve around the deer but couldn’t get out of the way in time and still hit and killed the deer.  In the process of trying to avoid the animal, he lost control of his vehicle causing it to rollover four times.  It finally came to a stop 40feet off the side of the highway.  The man was incredibly lucky to have survived the accident with no serious personal injury to speak of.  As a Seattle personal injury attorney, I think I can safely say that the seat belt he was wearing likely saved his life.

Hitting a deer can cause serious damage to your car, not to mention it can critically injure you or your passengers.  The American Science Institute estimates that every year, approximately 200 people are killed in wildlife-related crashes.  If you hit a deer, the average cost of the accident runs around $8,000 while an elk collision can run you upwards of $18,000.