Man is Ejected from his Vehicle on U.S. 395

According to the reports released from the Washington State Patrol, a man was allegedly ejected from a vehicle and sustained severe injuries after his car rolled over on U.S. Highway 395. Authorities did not report the age of the driver.

The pavement was very slick according to official reports and the conditions were risky to anyone who doesn’t have much experience driving on icy roads. According to the Washington State Patrol, there were several crashes due to the weather. Light quantities of ice and snow could be seen on traffic cameras in the region of Stevens County.

News outlets claim that the driver was going south when the accident took place sometime after 4 a.m. on U.S. 395. As soon as the authorities arrived at the scene, the man was taken to the Hospital was allegedly being treated for a skull fracture.

The accident is still under the investigation by the Washington State Patrol. Only one southbound lane was closed after the crash. As a Seattle car accident lawyer I hope the victim of this terrible accident will recover in a speedy manner. In a similar crash, remember that you’re entitled to have your personal injury lawyer taking care of the case for you, don’t delay in contacting on in your area.