Man Involved In Crash On I-82 Was Following Too Close

According to local news, a 59-year-old man from Toppenish had to be rushed to the hospital after an accident involving two vehicles on Interstate 82.

Official reports from the Washington State Patrol show that the driver was going south on the Interstate around 6:20 pm on Monday night when he failed to slow down and ended up rear-ending a truck driven by a 45-year-old man. The truck was hauling a trailer and according to the reports from the authorities, the truck driver was not injured.

According to the news, both men were wearing seat belts and the local police had to hand a citation to the injured driver for driving and following too close to another vehicle.

I, a Bellingham auto accident lawyer I hope the injured driver will learn his lesson and stay away from any future issues while on the road.

As a personal injury lawyer I urge all motorists in the state of Washington to stay alert for icy roads. There are many weather conditions that will make the roads less of a safe place but if the driver is watchful and mindful of the possible issues he may face, most accidents can be prevented.