Man Injured After Rollover Crash

According to various news articles, a man from Mattawa was allegedly injured after being involved in a crash on Highway 243. The authorities have reported that he was a passenger in the car that crashed.

The Washington State Patrol has reported that the accident happened some time after 5 p.m. on Saturday. A 21-year-old man was driving his SUV when suddenly he tried to pass another car by illegally crossing the double yellow lines.

He was driving northbound on Highway 243 when he lost control of the vehicle, attempted to bring the SUV back to the northbound lanes but unfortunately, the vehicle rolled many times before it stopped.

This reckless driving case is just one more example of how much damage you can cause when not keeping it in your mind that safety should be a priority for all while driving.

As an Olympia car accident lawyer I hope that the alleged injured passenger will have a speedy recovery without any major issues. At this point in the case he should be having the full assistance of a personal injury lawyer.

Hopefully, readers will learn from this terrible accident. Return to our blog regularly so you may be always aware of what’s going on locally and nationally when it comes to road safety and product recalls.