Man From Pasco, Washington Hits Power Pole and Allegedly Loses his Life

The news say that according to the State Police, a 35-year-old driver who was fleeing an accident scene ended up causing a second accident by crashing his truck into a power pole.

The reports from the authorities say that the truck hit a van in the rear sometime Wednesday afternoon and fled along the Interstate 84 but couldn’t hold his position for long. He lost control of the vehicle and collided against a power pole after allegedly rolling several times.

Because of the damaged power pole hit by the truck, power was knocked out to more than 3,000 units from Boardman, Irrigon and Umatilla Electric Cooperative however, news reported that the power came back later during the afternoon.

There haven’t been many details regarding both accidents, all that is known is that the truck driver was allegedly killed after the second collision.

As a Seattle personal injury lawyer, I send my heart out to the family of the driver whose life was horribly claimed by this tragic accident. It deeply saddens me when I hear about hit-and-run accidents that turn up to be deadly.

Preventable accidents should never happen if you stay cool and observe the conditions of the road surrounding you. Whenever you’re a victim of an accident that wasn’t caused by you, contact a personal injury lawyer in your area right away.

Kirk Bernard