Man from Granger Injured After a Two-vehicle Collision

According to recent reports from the Washington State Patrol, there was an accident last Saturday involving a man from Granger who ended up being injured.

According to the news and officers from the Washington State Patrol, the man was driving his vehicle off the road just north of Sunnyside when another vehicle driving southbound drifted to the right and unfortunately crashed into his car.

The whole collision happened on Highway 241 and according to official reports from the Washington State Patrol, the accident was considered to be a case of distracted driving. There haven’t been any more details regarding the causes behind the crash and officers are still investigation more thoroughly.

As an Olympia car accident attorney,I sincerely hope that the men involved in this crash are not going to sustain any severe injury. Hopefully, this will serve as an example to the drivers and readers of how deadly distracted driving can turn out to be.

Any personal injury lawyer can tell you many cases are results of distracted driving. Preventable crashes shouldn’t be an issue anymore, I urge all to never drive unless you’re completely attentive of the road ahead of you.