Man From Amboy Involved In Motorcycle Crash

Reports from the Washington State Patrol and local news say that a 63-year-old man from Amboy was involved in a motorcycle crash on Interstate 205 last Thursday morning. The man was injured and taken to the hospital right after the alleged crash.

He was riding his 2005 Honda motorcycle on I-205 sometime after 10:30 a.m. when he reached south from state Highway 500. Because the traffic was slow he had to promptly slow his vehicle down but the maneuver was unsuccessful.

He fell on the Interstate and according to the reports from the Washington State Patrol, the man suffered a head injury.

A spokesperson for the authorities said that he sustains a satisfactory condition and that he was later cited and then ticketed for following too close to traffic.

As a Tacoma motorcycle accident attorney I hope the rider gets better soon. Hopefully, no other injuries were reported from the sudden traffic jam on Interstate 205.

As a personal injury lawyer I urge all readers to never follow too close on a highway. Many circumstances can force the traffic to stop abruptly, we should be always alert so preventable accidents won’t cause harm to anybody sharing the road with us.