Man Fatally Wounded After Head-On Collision

According to recent news articles a 43-year-old man from Rochester had his life claimed after a head-on collision that happened last Friday night on U.S. Highway 12.

The Washington State Patrol has stated that the man was driving eastbound on the Highway 12 some time before 7:40 p.m. on his 1996 Ford Windstar when, arriving at an intersection, the vehicle crossed the center line and ended up driving into the westbound lane.

Official reports show that a 1999 Alero was driving on the westbound lane at the same time. Both vehicles collided at the Denmark Street Southwest intersection leaving the first driver with fatal wounds and injuring the passengers and driver in the second car.

The authorities are allegedly investigating the causes behind the accident and hope to get to a conclusion soon enough. As a Wenatchee personal injury lawyer I sincerely hope that all individuals injured in this crash will recover in a timely manner without any future problems.

As a personal injury lawyer I offer the family and friends of the tragically killed driver my deepest condolences and hope they will have the support they deserve in this difficult moment of their lives.