Man Allegedly Caused I-82 Crash, Injuries Reported

According to the Washington State Patrol and recent reports announced by the local news, a 50-year-old man from Kennewick suffered a car accident on Monday. The man was injured after his vehicle allegedly failed to slow down following the sluggish traffic going southbound on Interstate 82.

The vehicle hit the rear end of another car. Authorities didn’t release any information regarding the mental state of the driver who caused the accident. Both vehicles had to be towed after the crash and charges against the 50-year-old driver are still pending, according to the authorities. The Washington State Patrol is still investigating all causes of the crash and the two vehicles involved.

As a Renton car accident lawyer, I hope that everyone involved in this collision will have a fast recovery. Fortunately, this wasn’t a fatal accident, but it could have been. Accidents caused by distractions are becoming more and more common everyday. We must understand that if we don’t pay attention to what goes on around us, our chances of not getting hurt become slim.

Preventable accidents like the one mentioned in this post should never happen. Any personal injury lawyer can tell you of how painful it can be for those fighting for their rights in a personal injury case, hopefully this will serve as an example and an eye opener for the readers in this blog.