Man Allegedly Carrying an Invalid Driver’s License Provokes Crash

According to the Seattle police and recent articles, a man was allegedly arrested after making an illegal turn. The driver performed the illegal maneuver right in front of a Sound Transit train and ended causing a crash. The accident happened in South Seattle.

Reports from the authorities show that the accident happened sometime around 8 a.m. at South Brandon Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way South. The man caught up in this accident was allegedly driving without a valid driver’s license.

There haven’t been many other details disclosed about the incident, the identity of the driver is also unknown. What forced the man to perform the illegal turn was also kept away from the news by the authorities due to their investigations. Police representatives however claim the man who caused the crash is not cooperating with legal procedures.

A few delays were noticed during this morning’s commute due to the accident but no serious injuries were reported.

As a Seattle car accident lawyer I wish the authorities will be able to contain possible ramifications of the actions of this careless driver. Personal injury lawyers should be always able to help in if you or a loved one ever gets involved in an unfortunate accident related to the distracted driving of others in traffic. Don’t delay.