Loose Objects Can Cause Serious Damage

Here in the Pacific NorthWest it’s finally beginning to feel like summer (except for today, there’s a layer of clouds rolling in as I type this) and with summer time comes road trips. You might be surprised to find out that many injuries can actually be caused by objects within the car.

According to Safety Research and Strategies ordinary loose object are responsible for an estimated 13,000 injuries a year. If you are traveling at 55 mile per hour a 20 pound object can hit with more than 1000 pounds of force. Now take a moment to think about the items in your car that might weight that much: your pet in it’s crate, your fully packed suitcase, or that cooler full of goodies. That’s why it’s important to pack safely.

Earlier last week we talked about some of the safety guidelines that you can take when it comes to packing you car and towing your recreational items (i.e. boats, trailers, wave runners, etc.) If you’d like you can read more about those Road Trip Summer Safety Tips.

As a Seattle personal injury attorney I feel it’s important people take as many precautions as possible before setting out on the road for a road trip, or just to head to the store. you never know what’s going to happen and other drivers might be on the phone, driving distracted, or even speeding, all circumstances you can not control. So take a moment to make sure you have everything secured in your car, tied down and not scattered about.