Light Rail Train and Pickup Truck Collide

There has been a lot of news about train accidents lately but those have all occurred in other areas of the country such as California.  However, yesterday morning a Sound Transit Light Rail train collided with a pickup truck in South Seattle.  According to this news report from King 5 News, the accident occurred at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Way and South Dawson Street just before noon.  The Spokesperson from Sound Transit, Bruce Gray, claims that the pickup truck had attempted to make an illegal left hand turn when it got in the way of the train.

The driver stated that he was confused at the intersection with the train tracks.  “I watched all of the cars go down and I was going to take a left hand turn.  Then I realized I can’t take a left hand turn.  By the time I had done that, the train had hit me,” said the driver.  He was extremely lucky to walk away with no major personal injury and only minor scratches from broken glass after his car was broadsided by the train.  “Somebody was definitely on my side.  It was like the crushing of an aluminum can.”

As a personal injury lawyer in Seattle, I do have to commend Sound Transit for their efforts in educating the public before the trains began service.  “The main thing we do, is put up the right kind of signs and put up as much warning as possible.  You need to follow the traffic rules and not make a left hand turn there there’s no left hand turn, especially if there’s a train right next to you,” state Gray.