License Plates on the Front. Why?

You may notice that it is not necessary to have tags on the front license plate, but it’s illegal to not have the plate all together. Some people feel that this is unnecessary and that we shouldn’t have front plates at all. Others feel that it’s just a way for the police to try and catch you in radar traps, but this article actually sheds some good light on why it’s still necessary to have that front plate.

The front plate plays a very important role in capturing: drunk drivers, amber alerts, “be on the look out” advisories, speeding, hit and run, etc. It allows the police as well as witnesses the ability to try and capture the info while the vehicle is approaching, not just once they’ve passed.

Also in the event that there’s a hit and run accident the plate might be left behind, or at the very least an indent of the plates number can be left behind. According to Sgt. Freddy Williams this has actually happened in a few fatality hit and run cases and allowed them to solve the case. This doesn’t happen often, but it has happened.

As a car accident lawyer in Seattle I know first hand how important evidence is at the scene of a crime, so the minor nuisance that some feel a front license plate is should be strongly overpowered by the fact that they help catch those that have broken the law. Imagine how you’d feel if you were rear-ended, suffered a severe personal injury and had no way of finding out what the license plate number was.

It should be mentioned that if you have a nostalgia or collectors car it may not be necessary to have the front plate, but it’s up to you to know what the law is for your specialty vehicle.