Lakewood Police Department Launches Internal Investigation, Officer Charged With Drunken Driving

According to the local news, an officer from the Lakewood Police Department was charged with driving under the influence last October and is now being investigated. Several news sources have stated that the 30-year-old police force veteran has pleaded not guilty to the drunken driving charges.

A Washington State Patrol officer pulled the trooper over last October after he was caught driving above the speed limit and making unsuitable lane changes. The WSP trooper submitted the Lakewood Police Department officer to a breath test. His blood alcohol level read 0.099 when the legal driving limit is 0.08 in Washington.

Although his trial is set for March, there have been no restrictions applied to his driving status or police duties.

As a Kirkland car accident lawyer, I hope the police officer realizes drinking and driving is wrong. Drivers who engage in drinking and driving can injure themselves and others. I hope the trial this man’s going through teaches others to never drink and drive. Remember to always have a designated driver after you’ve had a few drinks.

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