Kosher Chicken Recalled Following Salmonella Outbreak

According to news articles, there was a recall issued for kosher chicken liver meat from a New York company. Local health officials have stated the recalled item may be allegedly linked to the Salmonella outbreak. The illness has struck the east coast recently and health authorities are trying to contain it.

All the chicken livers sold by the NY-based company Alle Processing Corporation, which also does business as MealMart Company and Schrieber Processing Corporation, must be recalled following a federal food safety official’s statement.

The outbreak may be traced back to the meat that was undercooked but sold as broiled to retailers. Cases of Salmonella have been reported in New York as well as Maryland, Pennsylvania and Minnesota. The place where the outbreak has been more noticeable was Ocean County because most of its retail food stores are kosher.

As a Seattle product liability lawyer, I hope that the authorities can contain this Salmonella outbreak as soon as possible, before it spreads to the Nation. No consumer should be exposed to such a horrible disease.

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– Kirk Bernard Lawyer