Kids Rewarded With Ice Cream For Helmet Use

You probably already know that car accidents are still the number one leading cause of death for children between the ages of 5 and 14, but what’s the next most dangerous thing?  It turns out that in our state, bicycle accidents are the second most common cause of personal injury that requires emergency room visits or hospitalization.  When a fatality is involved in bike accidents, it’s usually because the child wasn’t wearing a bicycle helmet.  This fact prompted the Safe Kids South King County group to start a Safe Rider Campaign.

According to this article, instead of punishing people for not wearing their helmet, the group aims to reward those children who ARE wearing a helmet.  By pairing up with McDonald’s and local police and fire departments, the agency will hand out coupons for a free vanilla reduced fat ice cream come.  On-duty police officers who come across a child wearing their helmet properly will hand out these coupons, also known as “Safe Rider Citations.”  This program will extend throughout the year in an attempt to, “Raise awareness about the importance of helmet safety in preventing unintentional injury to children.”

As a Seattle personal injury lawyer, I think this program is a great idea.  Our firm has participated in numerous helmet give-a-ways for children at events around Seattle throughout the years.  I hope that this positive reinforcement will entice children to always wear their helmets.