Kent Man Leads Officers on 11 Mile Pursuit

Police were in for a wild good chase last week when a 42 year-old man lead them on a chase, weaving through the South King County area.  Officers pursued him diligently for eleven miles before they were able to stop him.  The man was then arrested for felony eluding the police in addition to driving with a suspended license.  According to a press release from the Washington State Patrol, the man admitted that he knew his license was suspended and didn’t want to pull over and have to deal with the repercussions from that.  Instead, he thought he could outspeed and outsmart the cops.

The man sped by troopers in a Ford Mustang, traveling almost 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, along Interstate 5 in the southbound direction.  A State Trooper on his motorcycle attempted to stop the man but he refused and continued to speed along, heading towards the Kent Des Moines Road.  Following protocol, patrol cars came in to relieve the motorcyclist during the chase.  It is very dangerous for motorcycle officers to pursue a vehicle in a high speed chase, as we’ve seen from the numerous motorcycle accidents that result from such instances.

Strangely, the man did not speed away for long.  He actually used his turn signal, stopped at red lights, and stayed within the speed limit for much of the chase.  It took two Pursuit Immobilization Techniques to finally stop the man in his mustang.  As a Seattle personal injury lawyer, I’m always relieved to hear that no one was injured in this pursuit.