iPod Touch Battery Cases Recalled

According to recent news from the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, an alert recall was issued for over 6,000 Mophie Juice Pack Air rechargeable batteries and its external cases. The packs being recalled pose an alleged fire hazard even though this item was designed to serve as an external battery only.

Official statements say consumers could burn their hands while handling the product and that there were over 40 reports from several consumers saying that the external case got to the point of becoming completely deformed after burning due to the overheating batteries.

The news says that 110 complaints were reported to Morphie claiming batteries were becoming allegedly too warm to the touch. Some cases of minor burns to consumers’s hands have already surfaced.

I, a Vancouver personal injury attorney hope to see no consumers being injured while handling this product. The iPod touch external battery cases should be an extra protection for iPod owners, not an injury threat.

Personal injury lawyers should be attentive to all recall alerts posted on this blog. As a personal injury lawyer, I urge all readers to stay informed so possible accidents related to defective or contaminated products will be entirely prevented.