Insurance Bad Faith – What Is It About?

According to experts, insurance bad faith is a legal term for a civil or tort lawsuit that is taken against any of the insurance company for their bad acts. The insurance companies are required to fulfill a duty, which is normally referred to as an implied covenant of fair dealing and good faith, to their policyholders. When this particular duty is violated, policyholders may sue the companies for their insurance bad faith.

Many have been paying insurance coverage to these companies every month, yet these insurance companies fail to meet the duties that they owe. If you are a victim of insurance bad faith and happen to be one of those who have come across unfavorable and adverse dealing conditions with your insurance firm, you need to contact an experience and professional insurance bad faith attorney so that you can easily discuss your situation with them. They will be able to provide you with appropriate guidelines regarding such a scenario, and will be invaluable to you while you are considering pursuing a lawsuit.

As a Bellingham personal injury lawyer, I’ve successfully navigated the complex process of insurance claim litigation on several occasions. If you feel your insurance company is engaging in bad faith practices, contact a personal injury lawyer in your area to learn more about your rights as they pertain to the matter.