Inspections Fail When it Comes to Trucks and Truck Safety

News says that according to recent data taken from truck inspection conducted by the Washington State Patrol, some of the riskiest trucks on Washington roads keep rolling out of the Port of Seattle every single day. The large number of trucks combined with the lack of infrastructure makes it hard for authorities to inspect every single vehicle that otherwise wouldn’t be able to leave the port without being thoroughly examined.

The Seattle Department of Transportation was given the task of making sure more than 4,000 trucks that serve Seattle on a daily basis would take safety inspections seriously. The Washington State Patrol officers noticed right away that they were overwhelmed and weren’t sure if they would be able to make it. According to officers the inspections lacked in quality. Because they had to rush through each truck driver, there were moments when they would even say they had inspected a certain vehicle without actually doing so.

These unsafe trucks carry shipping containers from the port all around Harbor Island. Not only trucks and truck drivers suffer from the lack of inspection, so does the product they’re carrying and distributing.

As a Seattle personal injury attorney, I urge the authorities to take matters into their hands and turn the tables on this puzzling inspection issue Washington State has with trucks. Whenever you feel like you need a personal injury lawyer to respond to your every doubt regarding a possible case, don’t hesitate. The faster you call the better.