Injuries Related to the Use of Bumbo Baby Seats Still Occuring

News sources from all over the country have reported that the previous recall for Bumbo Baby Seats hasn’t seemed to be making much of a difference for the safety of babies nationwide. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued an extension to the original recall so parents stay alert when leaving their babies on the Bumbo Baby Seats.

According to the announcement these items should never be used in elevated surfaces. Reports regarding infants aged 3 to 10 months suffering injuries after falling from the baby seats are still surfacing. Some of the reports claim the infants had skull fractures among other allegedly life-threatening injuries.

The reports show there have been at least 45 incidents related to the same misuse of the Bumbo seats. The last recall issued by the CPSC required the manufacturers to display warning signs advising parents to never place their babies on this product while on elevated surfaces. Since that requirement was followed, 17 reports of skull fractures were brought to the CPSC.

Since 2003, there were 3.85 million seats manufactured by Bumbo Baby Seats International sold all over the country.

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