Illegal U-Turn Ends in Tragedy

As a Seattle personal injury attorney, I probably sound like a broken record when I say that traffic laws and highway signs are there for a reason.  When you see a sign to slow down for a hairpin turn ahead, you better take heed or else you might lose control of your vehicle while navigating the corner.  Just yesterday, an elderly man lost his life after failing to adhere to a “No U-Turn” sign and instigating a t-bone style car accident.

The 85 year-old man from Edmonds was traveling westbound on Interstate 90 near Ellensburg.  At a freeway crossover with a posted No U-Turn sign, the man attempted to make a u-turn according to this news report.  The 2002 Dodge pickup that was driving just behind the man’s Toyota Camry was unable to stop in time, undoubtedly surprised by the sudden u-turn.  The pickup truck subsequently collided with the driver’s side of the Camry as it was initiating it’s 180 degree turn.

Unfortunately, severe head and internal injuries claimed the life of the elderly man.  His 82 year-old female passenger was airlifted to Harborview for injuries that landed her in the intensive care unit.  The driver of the pickup truck wasn’t seriously injured but did suffer from arm injuries.  The WSP doesn’t believe that drugs or alcohol were a factor in this accident.  It seems to be a case of just not following the rules of the road.