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I-90 Closed After Several Accidents, Authorities Say Weather Was To Blame

Over the weekend, the Grant County Sheriff’s office issued an advisory urging drivers to slow down, reporting several accidents on I-90 due to the harsh weather and its impact on the road. Unfortunately, some drivers didn’t follow suit.

On Sunday, the Sheriff’s office once again warned that the icy roadways east of Dodson Road were in poor condition and that the eastbound lanes were shut down for a few hours due to multiple crashes and spinouts.

At least ten cars were involved in the pileup that prompted the road closure. Some people suffered injuries as a result.

To Washington drivers everywhere, this report should serve as a reminder of what the very near future might bring.

Take Advisories To Heart: Winter Road Conditions Lead To Accidents

When authorities report that roads are icy and the snow may cause serious visibility issues, drivers must listen.

Some drivers with a great deal of road experience may think they know how to handle these conditions while other, younger and more intrepid drivers may think there’s nothing to worry about. As this pileup accident report shows, however, downplaying the potential dangers will inevitably lead to accidents.

As we approach the holidays, it is particularly important to pay attention to weather reports and warnings issued by local authorities.

If you’re planning on hitting the road for Christmas or New Year’s Eve, remember that you’re not alone. Some motorists are more careful than others, and a few will break the rules, drive while distracted, drowsy, and even intoxicated, putting your life in jeopardy. Icy and slippery road conditions just worsen the situation, making accidents even more likely to happen.

In order to prevent collisions, remember to pay attention to what authorities are saying and to weather reports. Also, freshen up on your defensive driving skills and stay prepared.

For a handy list of tips to help you drive safely during the holiday season, click here. For more on the pileup in Grant County, follow this link.

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