Hundreds Ticketed for Cell Phone Laws in Tri-Cities

Tri-Cities drivers who forget, or just can’t, put down their cell phones are getting ticketed in masses, according to news reports. Hundreds of local drivers have gotten tickets since the cell phone driving ban was made a primary offense in June 2010, according to news reports.

According to news reports, the Pasco Police Department wrote nearly 200 tickets to drivers on cell phones between June 2010 and March 2011. “Richland police ticketed almost twice that in the same time frame. Double up again for Kennewick, the spot in the Tri-Cities that has written the most tickets by far: 863 since last June. That’s an average of more than three a day.”

Along with local patrols, Washington State Troopers have written 240 tickets in the area for drivers using cell phones since last June, according to news reports.

As a Yakima personal injury lawyer, I urge drivers to put down their cell phones when they’re driving. Talking and texting on cell phones can be a distraction as dangerous as drinking and driving. Whether or not you fear getting a ticket, you should not talk on your phone while driving. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident related to distracted driving, contact a personal injury lawyer in Yakima.