How Can Companies Maintain a Safe Driver Fleet?

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February 1, 2013
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February 1, 2013

Companies that maintain a driver fleet take on great responsibility and risk, but by thinking about safety, they can greatly reduce the chances of a costly accident.

Industry experts recommend every company with a driver fleet create formalized safe driving and vehicle maintenance programs. Some business owners choose not to have these programs because of the time involved, but the efforts more than pay off if one injury crash is prevented.

There are other simple steps that companies can take to promote safety. Post signs around the building to remind drivers about safe driving tips. Adopt company policies that reinforce or add onto driving laws. Cell phones bans and seat belt requirements are common requirements.

Make sure to have regular vehicle inspections and maintenance, and require training classes at least once a year for all drivers.

One of the first steps to having a safe driver fleet is only hiring employees with good driving records. Insurance companies can provide recommendations for what driving records should be considered acceptable.

All businesses have a duty to protect their employees as much as possible, and I strongly encourage all business owners to take the steps necessary to make sure employees have adequate training and vehicles of equipment.

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