Horrific Accident is a Solemn Reminder

I just read this article while studying up on bicycle safety and it was a shocking story that I think we all need to remember. The story is about a bicyclist that was riding down the road when all of a sudden a motorist flung their door open and the cyclists had to avoid the door and ended up being struck by a bus. Unfortunately the cyclist passed away.

This story is definitely a sad event. My heart goes out to the family and relatives of the cyclist. As a Seattle personal injury lawyer I feel that we can use this story as a reminder that we share the road ways with others and the actions we take can have an effect on those around us.

In this case if the motorist had taken a look in their side view mirror chances are they would have seen the cyclist coming and wouldn’t have flung their car door open right in their path. I did a search on YouTube for some video footage of similar incidents and I was shocked at how many videos there are of car doors being open up in front of bicyclists. (Many of these cyclists are even riding in the bike lane, which is supposed to be there to protect them.)

I’ve been a personal injury lawyer for almost 30 years now and I’ve helped many clients that have been the victim of bicycle accidents and they are never a pretty sight. In fact many times the injures are incredibly severe because cyclists don’t have the same kind of protect that passengers in a car has.

So I feel the best thing to do is to try and educate the public on proper safety protocol when it comes to sharing our roadways. This article should be a reminder of just how dangerous and severe our actions can be when we aren’t paying full attention to whats going on around us.