Hit & Run Driver Found With .326 BAC Level

Tuesday afternoon, the Washington State Patrol responded to a hit-and-run call that left a vehicle smashed up near Coal Creek Parkway.  The car accident occurred during the lunch hour when a 50 year-old man ran into another car along Interstate 405.  He quickly sped off but the damage to his vehicle eventually caused his car to break down on the side of the road, about 5 miles away.  By this time, the WSP had caught up with him.  Both the driver and his passenger attempted to flee on foot but considering how drunk they were at the time, they merely stumbled.

According to this news report, they were so inebriated they couldn’t even participate in a field-sobriety test.  State Trooper Tina Martin claims, “He was falling all over himself.”  Booked on drunk driving charges, they performed a blood alcohol test which revealed a level of .326 at the time of the accident.  Considering the law considers anything above .08 to be beyond the legal limit, he was more than 4 times too intoxicated to be driving.  Not only that, but he was dangerously close to fatal levels of alcohol poisoning.

Thanks to the recently implemented Target Zero DUI Campaign, more than 200 drunk driving arrests were made last month in the King County area. As a Seattle personal injury attorney, I hope that the Target Zero team keeps up the good work.  Afterall, a driver such as this man could have easily killed someone, but thankfully that wasn’t the outcome in this instance.