Hit-and-run Accident Claims A Man’s Life in Spokane

According to trustworthy local news, an unfortunate accident has happened early this morning in Spokane, Washington.

The reports from the Washington State Police say that a semi-truck, which was stopped in Wenatchee by the authorities, allegedly struck a pedestrian who died as result of the accident.

The driver is under investigation by the Washington State Patrol for the hit-and-run case and will not be released until more conclusions can be drawn from this case. According to the official reports, the accident happened sometime after 6 a.m. today. Officers say the driver might have driven away after the incident simply because he was unaware he hit a pedestrian.

No more details were disclosed.

I, a Renton car accident attorney, offer my sincere condolences to the family of the man who sadly lost his life in this terrible accident. More precautionary actions must be taken to make road and pedestrian safety everybody’s concern.

Personal injury lawyers in Washington urge all drivers to be attentive of the road at any time of the day or night so similar accidents can be prevented. Hopefully, this accident will be an example of how deadly a vehicle can be and how important it is for all individuals to learn about sharing the road.