Hip Revision Surgery: What You Need to Know

Is Your Hip Replacement Defective? Find Out Now
October 6, 2010
Why Hip Replacement Implants Fail
October 6, 2010

A hip revision surgery is necessary when your hip implant failed, such as if you have a recalled DePuy hip implant. Here are some details regarding surgery.

As a DePuy hip recall lawyer, it’s hard to turn on the news these days without hearing the horrible stories of patients facing a painful revision surgery needed to correct their failed hip implant.  Most people aren’t aware of what a revision surgery entails though.  Luckily, the initial hip replacement procedure is very routine and most implants last 15-25 years without failure. Within the first ten years, 90% of patients still have functioning implants.  After 20 years, that number drops down to 80% and after 30 years, 50% of the implants are still working.

Generally speaking, prosthetic hips wear out slowly, assuming you follow your physicians directions and decrease athletic or straining activities while maintaining a healthy weight.

In the case of the DePuy ASR recall, 1 in 8 patients experience a prosthetic failure within the first five years due to numerous factors.  For one, the implant relies on new bone growth to help secure the implant into place and when this doesn’t happen, the prosthetic becomes loose and painful.  There are many symptoms that your hip implant failed, but often times most surgeons aren’t able to say with 100% accuracy that the implant is defective until their patient is on the operating table.

Unfortunately, a revision surgery is a very technical procedure and requires the knowledge of a skilled specialist.  The surgery lasts longer because there is damage to repair, and complete correction may not even be possible.  Because the surgery is more extensive, the recovery period is longer than after the initial hip replacement surgery.  As a hip recall attorney, that’s why this recall is so devastating for the patients that it affects.  A failed implant alters the way you live your life, the activities you enjoy, the ability to work, and can cause an excruciating amount of pain.

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