Highway 507 Is Blocked By Downed Tree and Power Line

According to various local news outlets, sometime after 6:45 a.m. a fallen power line and tree blocked the southbound traffic on Route 507. Reports indicate that the incident happened near Bucoda. The first responders of the accident, Puget Sound Energy arrived at the scene by 7:45. Authorities are allegedly working to clear the path for motorists.

During the winter, icy roads can represent a major threat to drivers who are not entirely familiar with the difficulties of a slippery road. Whenever a victim of an accident related to major changes in the weather feels that there was negligence from vehicle manufacturers or the authorities, a personal injury lawyer should be contacted right away.

As a Seattle car accident attorney I hope there hasn’t been any accidents related to the fallen tree and power line near Bucoda. Hopefully, the electricity company and the authorities will do a great job keeping the area safe and well flagged so no one will suffer an accident by not being aware of the road conditions.

There are many things you can do to stay away from accidents during the holidays, the most important of all is to stay alert and keep an eye for drunken driving and difficult weather conditions.