Highway 195 Safety Program Cracks Down on Bad Drivers

If you travel along the Highway 195 corridor, you’ll want to be on extra good driving behavior over the next few years.  Thanks to a new grant from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, extra patrols will be in force to crack down on negligent drivers.  According to Spokane police Sgt. Eric Olsen in this news report from The Spokesman, “Tickets for speeding, failure to stop and failure to yield right of way are going to be issued at a greater clip under the traffic corridor safety project.”

Many of the traffic safety programs making headlines these days are targeting either drunk or distracted drivers.  However, speeding, cutting people off, or pulling out in front of someone without yielding will also result in serious, if not fatal, accidents.  The 8-mile stretch of highway has seen 145 car accidents with three fatalities over the last year years alone.  Since implementing a turn lane in which drivers can decelerate and make a safe turn while yielding to traffic, has resulted in not one accident at that intersection this year.

According to a DOT study, at the Inland Empire Highway intersection, 33% of drivers didn’t come to a complete stop before continuing on.  “We want people to take their time and look several times each way before they go out onto the highway,” claimed WSP Captain Jeff Otis.  As a car accident lawyer Seattle, I really hope this new program will make a marked improvement on the safety of Highway 195.