High School Teen Killed By Drunk Driver

Just a few days before he would have graduated from high school, the life of a 17 year-old boy was tragically stripped way from him in a devastating accident.  Mere hours before his 18th birthday, the teenager was riding in the backseat of his friend’s vehicle near South Center Mall.  They were traveling southbound on I-5 when out of nowhere, a drunk driver smashed into the back of their car, fatally injuring the teen.

The other two boys, an 18 and 19-year old, were also transported to Harborview Medical Center for treatment and the 18 year-old remains in critical condition.  According to this report, Washington State Troopers identified the driver of the Ford Explorer as Alexander Peder, a 50 year-old from Kirkland.  Officers claim there is no evidence that he even braked before rear-ending the Honda.

An investigator from Kiro 7 News did a little digging and found criminal records that Peder had been convicted of drinking and driving two times already.  One charge was for negligent driving while the other was for reckless endangerment.  Right now he is being held in King County Jail pending charges of vehicular homicide and assault.  A memorial was held early this morning at Decatur High School to honor the young man’s life.  As a Seattle personal injury attorney, these stories are so disturbing to me.  This young man had a bright future ahead of him and it was all taken away in an instant by a selfish, careless driver who got behind the wheel drunk.  Even the greatest punishment for the man won’t bring back this family’s son.
Kirk Bernard