HealthCo Issues a Recall For 75,000 Motion-sensing Switches

The Consumer News has reported that the company HealthCo is issuing a recall for over 75,000 Health-Zenith and Wireless Command motion-sensing wall switches. The recall was made necessary because of an electrical shock risk that has been noticed by the company.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported that this recalled item replaces a standard wall switch. The device was designed to turn all lights in a room off in the moment nobody else is occupying that particular area.

According to the news, whenever the switches are of auto and the light completely off, the electric circuit suffers from a small amount of electricity that leaks through the circuit itself and even reaches the socket. The reports show that if a consumer cannot disconnect the circuit’s power by bringing both terminals inside the socket together while the bulbs are being replaced, an electric shock may occur.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported no injuries related to the recalled product.

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