Halloween Safety Tips and Tricks for Kid’s Costumes

In a news release, consumer advocacy and safety groups have offered several safety tips and tricks that can lead to a safe and fun Halloween for both parents and children.

According to a survey from the National Retailer Federation, over 2.6 millions men, women and kids are planning to dress up as zombies for this years Halloween celebration. Another popular undead costume is vampires, but, on the other hand, so are princesses. Some costume websites have also indicated that shoppers are once again planning to strut their stuff as Lady Gaga, Snooki and the annual slew of Disney characters. But, before you decide what you want to dress as, here are a few safety precautions to consider in order to keep your family safe this year.

The number one suggestion from all consumer advocacy groups when choosing a Halloween costume is that buyers look for costumes labeled “flame resistant.” With so many decorations dealing with candles and flame around Halloween, burns are a real threat to safety. Avoid baggy, billowy skirts and cloaks that may brush against the aforementioned enflamed decorations. Be aware of the ingredients in whatever face-paint or makeup you may purchase. Many of these items are not FDA approved and may contain ingredients that could potentially trigger serious allergic reactions. Never use decorative contact lenses unless you obtain them from a licensed optometrist; they can result in serious eye infections. With children’s costumes, pay special attention to the length so that they avoid tripping and avoid any accessories with sharp edges. Always be wary of masks that may block you or your child’s vision.

As a Bellevue personal injury lawyer, I’m aware of the inherent dangers of Halloween costumes and accessories. I hope that by providing the above information, you and your children may enjoy a safer, more enjoyable holiday. If you’ve been injured through the use of a dangerous or defective product, speak with a personal injury lawyer in your city to discuss your rights in the matter.