Halloween Projection Flashlights Recalled, Products Overheat

Recent news reports that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Nygala Corp. have recently issued a recall for more than 10,000 Halloween Projection Flashlights. According to the articles, the flashlights have a great possibility of overheating and posing threats to consumers.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website posted the announcement last week. All products that are under this recall alert have to be returned to the distributers and should be kept away from others to handle it.

The reports show that the recalled flashlights can overheat leading consumers to being injured. The orange and black recalled items that are made of plastic are sold with different lenses that are attached to the flashlight so several images can be projected. The manufacturer’s codes “HW189”and UPC 677916518266 are printed on the package.

According to the news, discount stores in the States sold the faulty items for $1 between August 2012 and October of 2011.

As an Everett personal injury attorney I incite and hope that all readers of this blog will follow the instructions from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Hopefully, no consumer will be injured because of the use of this product. A personal injury lawyer can always serve as a great assistance to you or a loved one if you were the victim of a company’s negligence and its faulty product.