Google’s Driverless Vehicles Currently Being Tested

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February 17, 2012
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Since Nevada approved self-driving vehicles to have their singular driving permits, news sources across the nation haven’t been talking about anything else.

Self-driving vehicles are real and could save several lives everyday, according to the creators of this ingenious Google new project. The breakthrough technology allows the vehicle to function smoothly due to the fact it’s fully capable of having a detailed visibility of the road through its radars placed in the back, front and sides of the vehicle. Distracted driving could be a thing of the past as soon as this car hits the road.

According to the news, Hawaii, Florida and Oklahoma are also looking into creating their own permit for self-driving vehicles. So far, the car is not available for common motorists since the technology is still being tested and until then, distracted driving is a crime and could pose a serious threat: refrain from engaging in this behavior.

As a Seattle car accident lawyer, I’m happy visionaries are coming up with new technology to keep drivers and passengers safe. I encourage drivers to always keep it in mind that maintaining the roads safe also depends on them.

Whenever you or a dear friend is involved with an accident caused by a distracted driver that resulted in injuries, you may wish to contact a personal injury lawyer to assist you in any way you may need. Act fast.

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