Girls Keds Shoes Recalled due to Laceration Hazard

According to the news, over 45,000 Keds sneakers made for girls are being recalled due to laceration hazard. The shoes, according to the brand Collective Brands of Topeka, Kan., have ornamental starts on their heels that may come undone or be loosen unexpectedly. The ornaments pose a laceration hazard to young girls.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that the Keds for young girls named “Know It All” were behind 27 reports of injuries after the ornament stars loosened from the shoes. This staggering number served as an alert, which forced the company to do something about the risky products.

Keds for girls “Know it All” were distributed to several department stores. Many online retailers were also responsible for some of this product’s sales. The recalled items have rubber soles, “KEDS” is printed on the shoe’s tongue, they are all pink, black and have a pink loop on the heel. The code of the recalled items is KY40098A.

As a Seattle personal injury attorney I urge all consumers to make sure their children are not wearing this recalled item. Contact the manufacturer so you know how to proceed to return the shoes and get a full refund.

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