Girl Speeding to Make Ferry Crashes Vehicle

We should all know by know that running late or being rushed and subsequently speeding, doesn’t usually end favorably.  A 19 year-old girl racing to make it to the ferry dock before they finished boarding, ended up missing the ferry all together.  That’s because instead she lost control of her car and skidded off the road into a power pole.  The impact from the crash was so great it caused the pole to dislodge from the ground.

The force of the impact also caused her gas tank to rupture, causing her 2002 Mazda Millennium to ignite into flames while she was still trapped inside.  Lucky for her, the car accident probably couldn’t have happened at a better location.  Across the street from the accident was a Bainbridge Island police station with two officers on duty.  The rushed to her aid and pulled her from the burning wreckage.   According to this news report, she had been speeding down Olympic Drive, just south of Highway 305 and Winslow Way, when she lost control while navigating around a corner at 12:45 in the morning.

Since the power pole was knocked to the ground, about 1,600 buildings lost power while the debris from the accident was cleared.  As a Seattle motorcycle accident lawyer, I hope the news of this story will remind us all to slow down and take our time, otherwise you put yourself and everyone else on the road in harms way.