Fuel Gel Recalled Due to Flash Fire and Burn Hazards

In a press release, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in collaboration with Pacific Décor Ltd, announced the voluntary recall of a potentially dangerous pourable fuel gel. Consumers are urged to stop using Pacific Flame Pourable Gel Fuel immediately as the product poses potential burna n fire hazards to consumers. It is against the law to resell or attempt to resale any recalled consumer products.

The recall solely affects Pacific Flame Pourable Gel Fuel in 1-quart bottles, both with and without citronella. This product poses significant burn and fire hazards to consumers as it can ignite as a result of pouring gel into already lit fire pots and splatter unexpectedly onto objects and people in close proximity. This can occur if the consumers are not able to see the existing flames, or if they are unaware that the pot is still aflame. The gel fuel that ignites and splatters can result in fire and burn hazards to consumers that can be dangerous and even fatal. To date, there have been no injuries or incidents that have been reported.

As a Renton personal injury attorney, I’ve seen similar recalls in the past and know the devastating effects these types of injuries can have on consumers. If you’ve been injured through the use of a defective product, contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss the legal avenues open to you.