Four Injured in Pile Up Collision

Four people were injured in a car accident Thursday morning near Snohomish, according to news reports.
The four-vehicle pileup occurred on Highway 9 near the Highway 2 intersection north of Snohomish around 10 a.m., according to news reports. It is unclear exactly how the crash occurred, but Washington State Patrol troopers said an SUV heading north on the highway rear-ended a Toyota truck, pushing it into a Jetta traveling northbound.
At the same time, a dump truck traveling southbound on the highway tried to avoid the collision but couldn’t, and slammed into the SUV and jackknifed.
The woman driving the SUV was seriously injured in the crash with life-threatening injuries. She was reportedly not wearing her seatbelt. Officers also found prescription medications inside the SUV. She was transported to the Colby campus of Providence Hospital.
Three other people involved in the collision were also transported to the hospital with less serious injuries, according to news reports.
Washington State Patrol officers are looking into the cause of the collision as possibly driving under the influence.
As a Tacoma car accident attorney, I’m saddened to hear about this car accident. I hope the victims in this crash will experience a full and speedy recovery. I hope investigators can determine exactly how this collision occurred.
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