Former DePuy Spokeswoman Sues Over Defective Implant

News sources reported that a former spokeswoman for the DePuy artificial surface replacement (ASR) implant has joined the class-action lawsuit against DePuy’s parent company Johnson & Johnson after the hip she modeled, and encouraged others to receive, was found to fail prematurely.

The former spokeswoman began advertising for DePuy in 2004 after receiving the ASR implant in the effort of relieving her arthritis pain. In 2009, she claims the implant left her in constant pain and that she experienced a “clunking” sensation when she walked. Doctors informed her that her ASR implant had prematurely worn out and that it would need to be removed. She has since received a replacement unit manufactured by a different company.

DePuy announced a global recall of their ASR Hip Resurfacing System and ASR XL Acetabular System in August 2010.  In May of this year, federal actions against DePuy and Johnson & Johnson over the Pinnacle hip replacement devices were consolidated for pre-trial proceedings in multidistrict litigation. The claimants in these cases allege that the Pinnacle devices were defectively designed and that DePuy failed to adequately inform patients of their inadequacies.

As a Seattle personal injury lawyer, I’ve seen recalls similar to this in the past and understand the significant impact that these defective devices can have on people’s lives. If you have been adversely affected through the use of a defective medical device, contact a personal injury lawyer in your city to discuss your legal options.