Ford Issues A Recall For 2004/2005 Mercury Monterey And Freestar Vehicles

According to an official statement released by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the carmaker Ford has issued a recall for all 2004 and 2005 Freestar and Mercury Monterey vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions.

This recall was made necessary due to a potential for failure in the torque converter output shaft. Such a failure would cause a sudden power loss, which would pose a high crash risk to drivers. This recall is believed to affect 205,896 vehicles and is expected to begin in February.

Ford will offer a free replacement of the torque converters to all Mercury Monterey and Freestar owners.

As a Seattle car accident lawyer, I’m very glad Ford was able to catch this recall before any injuries happened. Consumers affected by this recall can bring their faulty vehicles to authorized dealerships to get their torque converters replaced immediately.

As a concerned personal injury attorney, I urge consumers to get this problem fixed as soon as possible to prevent any accidents that could result in serious injuries.

In the case of an incident caused by a recalled product or vehicle, contact a personal injury lawyer in your area for a free evaluation of your case.

By Kirk Bernard