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Fiery Plane Crash Caught On Camera

All too often, accidents that take place in Seattle do not involve cars, motorcycles, bicycles, or even pedestrians. But sometimes, planes are the ones getting involved in a crash.

The latest plane crash to take place in Washington was, incredibly enough, caught on tape. Now, the entire ordeal is available online for all of us to watch.

According to a series of local news reports, a driver had stopped his vehicle at a stop light while on State Route 525 and Harbour Pointe Boulevard when a plane clipped some power lines. As that happened, the flying machine exploded in flames.

The driver’s vehicle is equipped with a dashcam, which came in super handy at this very moment the crash occurred.

As the plane fell down, it finally crashed into some cars and then hit a power pole. It wasn’t after the plane slid for a few hundred feet that it finally stopped, tipping to its side.

One of the drivers whose plane came real close to hitting told reporters she was extremely lucky to have survived. As the plane’s wing scraped her car, she thought the worst would have happened to her. Thankfully, she was mistaken.

As of now, the incident is under investigation. But according to preliminary reports, the pilot lost power at 500 feet, and once he noticed he couldn’t restart the plane, he then turned the plummeting aircraft toward an empty spot on the boulevard. Thankfully, that’s what saved a lot of lives.

While we’re glad that nobody on the ground was seriously injured in this crash and that the pilot was able to think on his feet, we are also shocked at this accident. We hope authorities are able to identify what happened to this accident so other pilots are able to avoid going through the same occurrences.

As usual, we hope others will continue to visit our blog to learn more about risks associated with certain factors that have been already associated with accidents. We keep our readers and clients informed on crashes and other incidents involving consumer products because we worry about their well-being.

For more on this fiery plane crash, follow this link.

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