Fiery Crashes Serve As Strong Reminders Of How Risky Cars Can Be

According to local news, Seattle and Whidbey Island unfortunately served as backgrounds for two fiery car accidents during the past weekend.

The first crash happened in Whidbey Island on Saturday. An 18-year-old woman was driving her vehicle when she crashed into a tree. The causes behind the accident are unknown. Witnesses say the car burst into flames right away. Three men were allegedly killed as a result of this accident.

The second collision happened when a man driving a Ford Explorer hit the rear end of another vehicle, a Hyundai sedan that was simply stopped at a red light. The car caught on fire and according to the authorities, the two people inside of the vehicle were allegedly killed.

As a Bellingham car accident attorney, I hope that drivers will be reminded of the great danger that a vehicle may pose to others and us. It’s a truly powerful weapon. The Washington State Patrol is investigating both crashes and officials hope to have more details regarding the cars on fire anytime soon.

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