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Fiat Chrysler Launches Fiery Recall Over Burn Injury Hazard

We often hear of auto recalls being launched over serious and potentially deadly car accident risks

But the mainstream media only focuses on those that are either massive campaigns or that have been tied to reports of accidents and even deadly injuries

Still, there are many other recalls launched after incidents were reported that do not carry the stigma of having been associated with serious injury accidents. Therefore, the mainstream media outlets covering these stories choose to ignore them. As a result, many impacted car owners never learn of the risks associated with these recalls or only learn about them too late, as companies are required to only reach out to impacted car owners via mail.

That’s why Bernard Law Group attorneys often report on these campaigns.

The latest campaign to be associated with vehicles that experienced incidents comes from Fiat Chrysler.

According to the reports, the company has recalled several Ram pickup trucks over a water pump issue that could lead to overheating and that could, therefore, expose the vehicles to fiery accidents. Since this problem may lead to serious injuries and even deaths, the recall was deemed necessary. But most importantly, it was deemed necessary because incidents have been already associated with several of the impacted units.

The company says that impacted models include the 2013 through 2017 Ram 2500 pickups, Ram 3500 pickups and chassis cabs, Ram 4500 chassis cabs, and Ram 5500 chassis cabs.

While it isn’t clear if the known incidents have been associated with injuries or property damage, we strongly urge all of our readers and clients to get their vehicles repaired as soon as possible.

You may reach out to the company directly to learn what you should do to avoid the risks, but if you are involved in a fiery accident caused by this problem, you should report it immediately to the manufacturer and the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission.

At Bernard Law Group, our experienced personal injury attorneys have been working on helping victims of car accidents caused by negligence, whether because they were severely injured or because their loved ones were fatally injured in these collisions.

We hope all impacted cars tied to this recall are repaired at once so major accidents are prevented.

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